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Preschool Camps at KidZania Singapore

Each generation brings about new change and challenges. In recent years the addition of a preschool graduation camp is a highlight for K2s and is also an opportunity for P1 alumnis to return to help as leaders.

Preschoolers are known for their highly energetic and inquisitive nature which is why it is important to select a venue that is well-suited to provide peace of mind as teachers engage them in outdoor learning.

Set within the city of KidZania Singapore, the High Achievers Adventure Academy is purpose-built and ideal for Preschool participants to have ready access to amazing nature trails, science and technology activities and their favourite role play activities at KidZania.

We have adopted important safety and design requirements from ECDA and also have supporting risk assessment and procedures to help obtain support from parents and governing bodies for your event.



Our Preschool programmes may be customized to suit your objectives and aims to facilitate:

  • Increased confidence in self-management in preparation for primary 1
  • Awareness of individual likes and dislikes
  • Develop social and team work skills
  • Exposure to new surroundings and being able to solve problems via teamwork
  • Learn whilst having fun and to have fun while learning



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    Groups that select role play on the second day of camp will be allowed in city registration and quick tagging for immediate access once the park opens.

    • Min facilitator to participant ration of 1:10 to ensure proper engagement with participants and management of safety during activities.
    • Each camper will receive a customized camp journal to record their observations and reflections
    • Each participant will be allocated a private bunk area with privacy curtain and storage space
    • We introduce social emotional learning principles used at the primary level in all the activities that are planned during the camp programme.
    • We’re all about having fun, being independent, making friends, and challenging yourself to try out new things!
    • Digital photo album and video snippets of participants in action are available upon request.
    • Private in city heated showers available after 6pm for preschool groups



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