The programmes offered at High Achievers are developed in line with national initiatives like the School Excellence Model (SEM) and the Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and are tailored specifically to suit the needs of each student.  

Through numerous years of experience, expertise and understanding of the education industry, we have identified 5 strategic arms of learning (Living, Learning, Leadership, Outdoor Adventure Learning, and Service Learning) to ensure a holistic and comprehensive approach to affective learning with guaranteed results and assured quality.  With our programmes, High Achievers prioritises on instilling the 5 Core Values of Character Development, Values Education, Leadership Development, Citizenship / National Education and 21st Century Competencies in our students.


Deviating from traditional approach, we conduct our camps according to pedagogy framework “Understanding by Design” which comprises the following stages.

            Stage 1: Focusing on specific Learning Objectives (LO) with the End in Mind

            Stage 2: Thinking activities to derive the specific LO from previous stage

            Stage 3: Test runs of the activities at different platforms or venues

Retrospectively, the emphasis is not on the activities but on participants’ ability to do and what they need to know at their level of maturity.  This is achieved through the combination of well planned activities, time allocated for reflection and well trained facilitator working together towards a successful event.