Brompton Experiences : Curated Rides F.A.Q

Cycling in Singapore can be a unique adventure as we have an amazing network of park connectors and scenic reservoirs. 

The Brompton Experiences Curated Rides were designed for those who wish to get hands on experience with the Brompton bicycle in Singapore. The rides are ideal for participants who which to sit back and forget about the logistics and planning required . This lets you focus on the rides and admire the sights and sounds along the journey. 

Q1 : I have not ridden a bicycle for a long time can I still participate in your rides? 

In order to participate in our rides participants must meet the following criteria. 

  • Min 1.4m due to the build of Brompton's and the fixed distance between saddle and handle bar . 
  • Able to cycle and have done so in the past and have required fitness and endurance to cycle for 1.5 hours at an average of 12km/hr 
  • Participants will be required to take a short confidence test to demonstrate that they are able to brake and negotiate turns without difficulty before heading out to the trails.
  • Participants may be requested to demonstrate proper folding techniques in particular for multi-modal rides 

 Brompton Experiences Briefing Brompton Experiences Teaching

 Q2 : What should I bring for the ride ? 

Proper dressing and personal items are essential to an enjoyable ride. Where possible do not pack heavy backpacks or heavy items such as power banks. Over the course of the ride the weight will become burdensome. Please review our recommended packing list of items. 

 Brompton Experiences Packing List

 Q3: Do you have safety equipment ? 

Safety is very important and we will require all participants to use riding helmets. We also provide clean and sanitized riding gloves should you require them. 

 Brompton Experiences Safety Equipments

Prior to all rides , our instructors will also review a list of Brompton Safety Guidelines . These are attached for your preview. 

 HA Brompton Safety Briefing Slides 


Q4 : Are the bikes cleaned ? 

Yes, the bikes are cleaned and maintained prior to your ride. We will sanitized the bikes before and after riding. We will also do a thorough clean after every few rides to ensure a smooth riding experience. 

 Brompton Experiences Cleaning

 Q5 :Safe Distancing measures and protocol . 

We will comply with the prevailing safe distance measures set out by the government. Currently group sizes should not exceed 5 persons excluding facilitators and there should not be any intermingling between groups. All participants are required to activate their TRACE Together Application during the ride. Masks are required during the rides during breaks and photo taking. 


 Q6 : What happens in the event of inclement weather ? 

Its important to have good clear weather for a safe and enjoyable ride. Unless otherwise notified via whatzapp your scheduled ride will proceed. In general we follow these guidelines : 

  • In event of slight drizzle the ride will proceed (Participants will be issued with disposable ponchos if necessary ) 
  • In the event of heavy rain , we will delay setting off by up to 45 mins to see if the weather improves. If the weather does not we will agree with customers to postpone the ride to an alternative date that is suitable. 

Q7 : When are your curated ride schedules ? 

For R0 Rides TPY - Lower Pierce reservoir they are available from Tuesday to Sunday 9am - 4pm) for a min of 3 participants. 

For R0 City Rides . We have scheduled rides every Wed / Fri / Sunday 4pm to 6pm subject to a minimum of 5 participants.  

For easy booking please register your interest at our booking link so that we can quickly contact you to make proper arrangements. 

 Brompton Experiences Curated Rides


Q8 : Will my ride be enjoyable ? 

It is our goal to make your Brompton Experience both enjoyable and memorable . This is why we will contact you prior to your ride and run through the following questions. 

  • Do you cycle often ? 
  • Is this your first experience with Brompton ? 
  • Are you a confident cyclist ? 
  • Do you prefer a good workout or sight seeing ? 
  • Do you need specific breakpoints and more drink stops ? 
  • What are your main objectives for this Brompton Experience? 

Your feedback will help us cater to your needs. In particular if you have a private group of 5 persons. 

 Brompton Curated Rides

 ( We can even help you surprise your loved ones if you choose to gift a Brompton Experience on their special day ! ) 


Should you have further information that will help with your decision making please feel free to PM us for further details.

For a full listing of our Brompton Bike rentals please visit :

 For private groups, please contact Eugene (Programme Director) at