Sustainability Education : Metro Farm Aquaponics Academy (MFAA)

In our efforts to offer new and innovative training solutions, High Achievers now offers engaging study tours in collaboration with Metro Farm Pte Ltd. 

Together we have established the Metro Farm Aquaponics Academy located at Downtown East Pasir Ris. 

A first of its kind training facility our tours and activities are designed to introduce modern urban farming techniques in a fun and engaging manner. 

Be an urban farmer for a day and understand the future skillsets required for modern high tech aquaponics farming. One of the fastest growing sectors in the food industry. 





The Metrofarm Aquaponics Academy (MFAA) is designed to provide public with a comfortable and conducive environment to understand the technologies and processes involved in operating a modern aquaponics farm. It is our vision to inspire the next generation of modern urban farmers and systems specialists through science, technology and the pursuit of food security.

Participants at all levels will learn through practical exercises how different systems come together to produce both fish and vegetables intensively within tight urban spaces. Singapore's first aquaponics farm-to-table academy is located at Pasir Ris Downtown East.

In collaboration with High Achievers Outdoor, the academy will offer a range of indoor workshops and outdoor activities that highlight the roles of a modern urban farmer. We hope to share both the challenges and rewards that are present in real word systems though our experience in operating 9 intensive aquaponic farms located throughout Singapore.



MFAA offers exciting programmes for youths and adults with a hands-on approach to experiencing modern Urban Farming and learn more about sustainability in Singapore.
Our programmes provide a 100% facilitated experience delivered through our team of experienced outdoor facilitators .
We provide new and fully serviced equipment sanitised for your safety.




 Sustainability Education  

  • Farm Education Tour
  • Aquaponics Modular System
  • Vegetable Bazaar
  • Vegetable Seed Packs
  • Germination Kit
  • Seedling Starter Kit
  • MFAA - Brompton Experiences
  • Outdoor Activities



Metro Farm Aquaponics Academy Aquaponics Farm Tour - Sustainability Education



MFAA - Brompton Experiences 

Apart from advocating the benefits of high tech aquaponics farming in Singapore, the MFAA is also interested in addressing other issues such as health and wellbeing. To that end, we have teamed up with High Achievers to offer a unique cycling experience which brings participants on a unique journey between two different farms. Metro Farm Pasir Ris and Metro Farm Punggol (Marina Country Club) is nestled strategically at the ends of Singapore's newest and most ideal cycling routes.

Through the MFAA Brompton Experiences, participants will experience the joy of cycling and observe first hand how land is used in Singapore to promote agriculture, aquaculture and how the 2009 LUSH initiative by URA and the latest Singapore Green Plan 2030 has helped urban farming in Singapore.


Metro Farm Aquaponics Academy Aquaponics Farm Tour - Brompton Experiences - Curated Rides Pasir Ris Punggol

Curated Rides : Pasir Ris - Punggol

Enjoy a curated enjoyable cycling experience from Pasir Ris through to Punggol PCNs led by our experienced and friendly facilitators! This tour is ideal for anybody who wants to have fun while exercising! Be it family bonding or going for a team-building activity, this tour is for you.

We will also bring you to visit the newly built Metro Farm @ Downtown East to visit Singapore's first Carpark Rooftop Aquaponics Urban Farm where you will understand the importance of sustainable farming in Singapore. Our facilitators will also being you through the scenic areas of Pasir Ris Downtown East and Punggol where you can take memorable pictures with your loved ones!



Metro Farm Aquaponics Academy Aquaponics Farm Tour - Brompton Experiences - Curated Rides Pasir Ris Punggol


 MFAA Training Facility @ Downtown East

Located at NTUC Downtown East Begonia Terrace, our education facility can house up to 25 Pax at each time and is equipped to do live broadcast feed of the Metro Farm at Downtown East. Participants are brought through a journey on food sustainability education with hands-on experiences in the room catered for children, students and working adults as well. We believe that education is applicable to all age groups and is important for all to learn! Together we can all play our part in Singapore's food security!





 < Metro Farm @ Downtown East >

Located at the top floor of NTUC Downtown East. (Downtown East MSCP 7A/7B), Singapore's first commercial carpark rooftop Urban Aquaponics Farm is now fully operational and ready for visits and tours.

Come visit and see what the hype is about for sustainable farming in Singapore currently! Learn more about Singapore's sustainability developments and efforts and how Metro Farm and MFAA is helping Singapore in move towards the Singapore Green Plan 2030!


Metro Farm Aquaponics Academy Aquaponics Farm Tour - Introduction 


< Metro Farm @ Bendemeer > 

Located at the rooftop floor of BS Bendemeer Centre, this is one of Metro Farm's 6 farms around the island. Our local aquaponics farmers work hard towards creating 30x30 Food Security Vision and Sustainability for the little red dot! Spanning a total combined area of about 60,000sqft, Metro Farm grows a variety of organic vegetables and organic fishes to meet our local food demands. 

Aquaponics Garden:

Metro Farm creates customized aquaponics garden solutions for schools and educational institutions. Our outdoor Aquaponics Garden not only beautify the surrounding environment, it also produces food that can be brought home to cook delicious meals. The Aquaponics Garden is a green sustainable system (developed by Oceansing) that make use of the waste from the fishes to fertilize the crops, while the crops absorb and purify the water to be reused by the fishes. In addition, the Aquaponics Garden uses natural sunlight to sustain the growth required for crops to grow big and healthy.

Relieve Stress:

The Aquaponics Garden is scalable and does not require much space to setup. It provides a refreshing greenery landscape to an otherwise boring concrete landscape in this urban city. The colours from the crops and flowers grown on the Aquaponics Garden help add vibrancy and liven up the moods. Together with the rhythmic flow of the fishes in their crystal-clear tanks, it helps to provide a calming therapeutic effect for our stressful lifestyles, as we take a step back to appreciate and understand more about the environment.


The Aquaponics Garden can be used as a learning platform where students build on the aquaponics knowledge and foundation that they have attained in the controlled classroom environment and apply it outdoors. They can then better appreciate and understand the effects of the natural elements such as rain and natural sunlight on the aquaponics garden. They will be able to observe the effects of heavy rain or sunlight on the growth of the plants or fishes and derive the relationship of the natural lifecycles. In addition, the Aquaponics Garden may be subjected to insects and animals of the natural environment such as fungus gnats, frogs or dragonflies that are attracted to the Aquaponics Garden.




Metro Farm Aquaponics Academy Aquaponics Farm Tour - Metro Farm @ Bendemeer



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MFAA Virtual Tour Preview - Metro Farm @ Bendemeer



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MFAA Preschool / Primary School Aquaponics Farm Tour



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