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High Achievers is a Training Consultancy specialising in values and character education.  Through hands-on experiential learning platforms, we strive to instil in your child leadership qualities, critical thinking attributes and life skills which will allow them to thrive and excel in this rapidly evolving world.


Founded in 1995, High Achievers has conducted courses and seminars to more than 300,000 students from over 150 schools, ranging from primary schools to tertiary institutions. We have grown to be an industry leader in providing quality leadership curriculum and fresh educational solutions.

At High Achievers, parents and clients can be assured that the variety of carefully crafted indoor and outdoor learning platforms are based on a pedagogical framework derived from sound research and conducted by highly experienced Instructors. These programmes are tailor-made for the inculcation of effective attributes and strong character values which will enable your child to realise his full potential.

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High Achievers is committed to the holistic development of every individual through process-oriented and systematic methodology aimed at challenging the social, physical, emotional and intellectual capacities of all participants.


Aug 2020 - Present: HA Brompton Experiences

Brompton Guided Tours

HA Brompton Experiences is derived from the parent company, Camp High Achievers. However, in amongst the pandemic, our usual outdoor training activities were no longer viable, and we have since pivoted onto another form of outdoor Adventure. Cycling!

HA Brompton Experiences Started in Aug 2020, after the Circuit Breaker period here in Singapore. Eugene, the Programmes Director, was able to explore Singapore on his Brompton Bicycle during the Circuit Breaker Period. Having been a Brompton Enthusiast for the past 16 years, he has utilised the Brompton extensively, touring the cities of Japan and Korea on wheels. Now, he aims to share his love of cycling by providing you with a unique and memorable cycling experience via the platform of the Brompton Bicycle!

It does not matter if you are just beginning your Brompton Journey. Through the services provided by HA Brompton Experiences, we aim to assist you to the best of our ability.

Our Primary Services include

  • Rental of Brompton Bicycles
  • Guided Tours on the Brompton Bicycle
  • Brompton SRV Approved Tours
  • Brompton Maintenance (Cleaning & Maintenance Workshop)
  • Brompton Servicing (Cleaning Service)


We are eager to share our experience to help you get started on your Brompton Journey! Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp (8925 7912) or Facebook Messenger for any of your queries.