Bike Rental

We offer a range of authentic Brompton bicycles for rental. 

The rental process is similar to that of renting a car. For your chosen rental duration, you are able to utilize the Brompton for your personal rides!

If you are new to Brompton we would recommend the stock models. If you have experience and are looking for upgrade ideas, consider our performance models. 

Once you have a date in mind, you can make a booking with this link for the rental of the Brompton.

Specific terms and conditions apply given the nature of the equipment: 

1. Rental does not include delivery however you may request this option during your rental discussion and delivery rates apply based on your location.

2. Video meetings via Google Meet  / Whatsapp will help facilitate eligibility and registration and approval.

3. Should you be looking to curate your own cycling experience we are also able to custom design routes within your vicinity.

For further details do visit 

All our Bromptons are regularly serviced and are disinfected before and after each ride. For immediate response please contact Eugene (Programme Director) at for your Brompton needs.