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Great Travel Alternative on a Brompton

Since we are still unable to travel overseas for the immediate foreseeable future, Singapore still offers numerous opportunities for exploration and learning. We are pleased to offer solutions for small groups looking for a travel alternative on a Brompton bicycle! 

Be it family bonding, team building, leadership training or an active way to get out and experience nature. Let us take you on a journey with Brompton. 

Why Cycling?

1. Discover hidden parts of Singapore that can't be reached with public or private transport. 

2. Visit a wide variety of sceneries in Singapore's trails within 4 hours that can only be done on a bicycle. 

3. It is a good cardio work out that is easy on the knees, back, hips and ankles.  

4. Networking with Social Distancing-meet new people while practicing safe distancing measures. 

Check out our latest Brompton Experiences:

Brompton Cycling Experiences

Why Brompton? 

1. Easy to fold -  can be folded into to a portable, practical size which can be taken on private and public transport and indoors- (homes, offices, restaurants).

2. Easy to ride - lightweight of only 11kg; which is even lighter than your average suitcase for a holiday.

3. Built for cities - hassle free riding without having to worry about where to park your Brompton, especially with the busy Singapore streets. 

These experiences also gives an Escape - With all the features that make a Brompton good in cities and transport, it's also good at escaping them. Portable and light enough to be able to fit into car, van, truck or bus, Brompton is the best bike for travelling far and wide around Singapore!

View our inventory of current 2020 Brompton models and modified bicycles for rental: 

Brompton Rental


For further inquiries contact Eugene (Programme Director) at: https://wa.me/+6589257912