Brompton Servicing : Maintenance

Brompton Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Keep your Brompton running clean and smooth. We offer a thorough cleaning and maintenance service specifically for Brompton bicycles.

Older Bromptons are welcome too! We have helped owners clean and restore their older Bromptons (2005-2017) before. If you are looking to get back into cycling after a long break, you are welcome to drop by our office with your older Brompton, where we can help assess the condition of the Brompton that was bought from older distributors such as MightyVelo. 

The clean service includes:

  • Testing of bike chain tension
  • Disassembly and thorough cleaning of the drive train
  • Removing seat post and cleaning of seat post sleeve.
  • Polishing of primarily painted mainframe.
  • Polishing of seat post with 3M Stainless steel cleaner
  • Regreasing of hinge clamps and screw parts

Standard Maintenance Programme $100

Please allow for up to 7 days lead time for cleaning drop off and pick up. Subject to queue 

Express Maintenance Programme $120

Please allow for 24 hrs lead time for cleaning drop-off and pick up. $120 per bicycle.

Drop off locations. General Magnetics Building / Eunos Location P410638

For further inquiries contact Eugene (Programme Director) at

Brompton Restoration / Heavy Cleaning $130-150

Please allow for up to 7 days lead time for cleaning drop off and pick up. Subject to review of the Brompton that needs to be restored and severity of rust issues. 


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