Urban Farming Volunteer

We invite individuals who have a passion for plants and outdoor gardening!  There is an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in outdoor urban farming at our Pasir Ris Downtown East Facility.
We have a brand new Aquaponics Academy located at Pasir Ris Downtown East and we are searching for the young as well as the young at heart to pick up urban farming skills and be part of our facilitator team that conducts Urban Farming Tours ! 
 Metro Farm Aquaponics Academy Aquaponics Farm Tour
Our volunteer program provides individuals with opportunities to learn about the importance of local agricultural production. We will provide an overview of how the aquaponics ecosystem works and give you hands-on experience in being an outdoor urban farmer. 
 Metro Farm Aquaponics Academy Aquaponics Farm Tour
Roles and responsibilities for volunteers:
  • Nursery and Germination of new seedlings 
  • Daily farm maintenance which includes pest management , pruning, and area cleaning 
  • Harvesting of vegetables as they mature 
  • Packing of vegetables for distribution 
  • Feeding of fish, general maintenance of tanks, and algae management
  • Sorting of black soldier fly larvae and packing for storage
  • Rubbish Disposal

Metro Farm Aquaponics Academy Aquaponics Farm Tour


Commitment & Responsibilities 
  • Required to be onsite for approx. 2 to 3 hours during designated volunteer sessions 
  • Volunteer sessions will be published on our WhatsApp (mainly) and Telegram Groups. 
  • Please refer to the availability of dates for volunteering in the questionnaire below
  • Limited to 10 volunteers per session 
  • Please inform us  in advance if you are unable to attend any of the selected dates as we would like to open the slot for others


Exclusive benefits:
  • Harvest of the day (subjected to availability of vegetables after harvesting for our customers).
  • Limited to 300g per volunteer 
  • 10% discount off all our merchandise, unless otherwise stated.
  • Individuals who volunteer at least 4 times per month for consecutive 3 months will be presented with a certification "Farming Partners of MFAA"


Metro Farm Aquaponics Academy Aquaponics Farm Tour


  • No monetary payment will be made to individuals who signed up as volunteers for Frux Earth Pte Ltd. Instead, volunteers are entitled to the exclusive benefits stated above.
  • By submitting your personal information, you had agreed that Frux Earth Pte Ltd can use your personal information get in touch with you.
  • As our farm is located at the rooftop, please take extra care when performing roles and responsibilities as a volunteer. Camp High Achievers Pte Ltd / Frux Earth Pte Ltd shall not be held liable for any injuries suffered during the course of work.
Register via the following link :
Safety Consent Form : bit.ly/3LPhBGp 


Connect with us : 

WA : https://chat.whatsapp.com/IaqgWhlh6xpGhx5zDi8xeY

Telegram :  https://t.me/MFAAVolunteers