Brompton Care & Maintenance Workshop F.A.Q

A custom workshop session that helps new Brompton owners care for and maintain their new Brompton's.

We conduct our Brompton Workshops at our new head office located at Coliwoo Lutheran - 1A Lutheran Road , unit 147, Singapore 267745. There is ample space to host up to 4 participants at a time ensuring proper safe distancing . 

After the workshop , participants are welcome to browse our fleet of Bromptons which we maintain in-house. We use our own fleet to demonstrate upgrades and modifications that you can choose to implement for your own bike. 


Can you cover changing of tires ? 

During the course we will show you how to remove the rear tire and how to change the inner tube in the event of a puncture. Regretfully we are unable to help you replace both your tires which may be in need of changing . 

Can you help me fix parts which I have purchased ? 

Whilst the course is not designed to help participants install parts , we will accommodate as far as possible in so far as they do not require specialized tool sets such as Headsets and Bottom Brackets. Please allow sufficient time for bike cleaning and maintenance. 

I do not have a Brompton can I still attend the course ? 

Whilst it is recommended that you bring along your own Brompton as it is a very hands on session , we welcome potential new owners to attend this course using demo Brompton's from our fleet. We will provide a 6 speed model for your hands on training and learning. 

What do I have to bring for the workshop? 

We have all the required equipment and cleaning materials. However it is advisable to bring along your existing cleaning solutions and lubes so that we can do a comparison with the cleaning kit that you will be receiving as part of the workshop . You can also bring along spare parts for assessment. 


Workshop timing slots :

Monday to Friday 10am to 12pm: Maximum 2 participants

Weekends and PH 1pm to 4pm: Maximum 4 participants
To reserve a timeslot please register here.
For private groups, please contact Eugene (Programme Director) at
Learn how to care for your leather saddle while you are at it. We are also able to demonstrate a range of our upgraded Brompton's and pass on the knowledge that we have acquired in enhancing the riding comfort and performance of Brompton bicycles. Here is a snap shot of our past participants and their spanking clean Brompton's.