Brompton Touch Up Paint Work ( Air Spray ) 1K Paint

Brompton Touch Up :  Small Chips

If you use your Brompton regularly, it is inevitable to acquire scratches and dents. We now have a solution to help owners of new and old Bromptons address deep scratches with our paint touchup service.
We have tested the color matching with our fleet of Brompton Bicycles to ensure the best possible match. We use locally sourced 1k paint which is suitable for the Brompton frame. This is the process of how we handle small scratches: 
  • Clean and degrease area 
  • Wet sand with a courser grit to address any rust issues  
  • Start with touch-up colors  ( several coats ) 
  • Further sanding to ensure an even coat of paint
  • Rubbing compound to remove remaining unevenness and fine scratches 
  • Polish it. touch-up job and help to restore the shiny finish to the surrounding paint. 

** Touch-up services may start from $40 and is dependent on the issue on hand. An onsite assessment is required. Touch-up services may be engaged during your regular Brompton Cleaning and Maintenance program or during our Workshops. 

Original Brompton Frames are painted using a powder-coated technique. In the process of executing your touch-up paintwork, we will be using a 1K enamel-based touch-up paint which was color matched by our partners Spray Smiths. Spray Smith is a professional car workshop that uses the XXXXX paint system. This paint system is from Germany. 

We are unable to provide 2k or 3k based touch-up paint as that requires specialized equipment.  The color matching was done through the reference of actual original Brompton frames and is based on our best efforts to find the matching color. 1K touch-up together with the use of a base primer is sufficient to last however we are unable to provide warranties on the paint job after delivery as it is subject to individual customer usage.