Brompton Touch Up Paint Application and Solutions

Accidents do happen , its cycling . As a company leasing Brompton's we see quite a bit of scratches and nicks. Which is why we had to come up with our own solution to keep our fleet spic and span. If you have scratches of a similar nature to the next examples, fret not . It happens to the best of us.
Scratches and Paint Chips 
Our touch up paint has been painstakingly mixed together with our great partners SpraySmiths . We provided original Brompton's with original scratches and together we developed a range of 1k touch up paints which is now available to you. 
The following is a list of steps that we use to apply and touch up small scratches and paint chips. 
Application Steps : 
  1. Clean the affected area on your Brompton to remove grease dirt and any unwanted particles. 
  2. Consider sanding down the affected area and allow the paint to grip properly . We usually start from 80 - 240 - 800 - 1000 grit to create a smooth working area. 
  3. Shake the touch up paint thoroughly and ensure that the paint is a smooth
  4. Apply a drop of paint to the affected area and let is spread out naturally (you may need to place your bike on a stand to help with this) 
  5. Allow each layer of touch up paint to dry for 4 hrs so that the paint can properly harden 
  6. You may wish to sand down the paint to blend it in with the rest of your frame using 1000 - 2000 grit sandpaper 
  7. Finally polish off the affected area with a series of good compound polish so that the affected area is blended in with the rest of the bike . 

 Sandpaper Grits:

 Sandpaper By Norton Abrasives at Rs 16/pack | Sandpaper | ID: 6513386912

Paint Polish: (Various Grit Levels) 

 Brompton Compound Polish

The following are projects that we have worked on before using our own touch up paint. The application was done using an air brush which allows us to blend in the paint better. We will let you decide on the outcome of the results. 

Sample Project 1 


Sample Project 2 


Should you have a touch up job that you would like us to work on just send us pictures of the affected area and we can give you an honest assessment.