Brompton Custom Fitting Service/ Appointment

Do you experience: 

Lower Back, Mid Back, Hip or Knee pain?
Stiff/sore neck?
Lack of power or explosiveness?
Discomfort on your bike?

If you experience one or more of the above, then our bike fitting service might help you!

Many Brompton owners have an incorrect bike set-up or poor technique, which can lead to poor reaction time, and facilitate potential injuries or decreased cycling performance. The Brompton bicycle's primary frame is standard across all models but that doesn't mean that you can't adjust it to suite your body shape and riding style. This custom bike fitting session will allow you to understand your current set up and how your ride can be improved though a series of adjustments.

Our session will allow you to :
1. Optimise your performance / power output
2. Reduce pain
3. Prevent injury
4. Have an overall more comfortable riding experience

Our Fitting Expertise:
- Fully certified F.I.S.T. bike fitter
- Usage of professional measurement tools to achieve your fit coordinates
- Targeting cycling biomechanic injuries

We begin by taking a comprehensive history of your cycling profile, usual routes, future objectives, cycling past, future goals and injury record. We then perform a comprehensive physical screening procedure.

We aim to adjust your bike to create your “perfect ride”. We take into consideration factors such as aerodynamics, power output, flexibility and ability to breathe easily to create a comfortable, fast and pain-free ride.

What to Bring to Your Bike Set-Up:
- Your Brompton
- Your Cycling shoes
- Your bike shorts or tri shorts

What’s Included?:
- 1 hour personalised session
- All measurements mentioned above and adjustment of your bike set-up
- A comprehensive report including all your measurements and fit coordinates in “Stack and Reach”

How Much Does It Cost?
- Pre-existing bike: $60
- Pre-purchase bike fit: $80

Profile of our professional bike fitter:

Brian Drayton joins Brompton Experiences with 20 years of experience designing professional bike fits for individuals and teams looking to increase comfort, efficiency, power and speed. The aim is to ride faster, safer, further.

Whether you’re preparing for a RTI or an international cycling race, Brian has had experience working with clients to identify pain points in their cycling experience that’s holding them back from their full potential.

Every bike fit should be tailored to each unique cyclists lifestyle and ambition. As our bodies grow, what we need changes.

Having set up six bike shops and helped even more get started internationally, Brian has also created bike fits for individuals that are visually impaired, live with chronic conditions, and seniors with degenerative illnesses to help them stay mobile. He has also designed adaptive bike fits for individuals with dwarfism and sports celebrities such as American basketball star LeBron James who stands at 7’4.