Unique Wet Weather Contingencies That Make Sentosa an Ideal Location for Overnight Camps

Unique Wet Weather Contingencies That Make Sentosa an Ideal Location for Overnight Camps

May 06, 2020

The best part of camps are definitely activities conducted in the great outdoors. However, being in the tropics, the weather can sometimes be unpredictable. When it rains, it pours. And when it's hot, it can be brutal for young children. This is why your campsite venue should cater to both clear and inclement weather! This is one of the reasons why Sentosa is the location of choice for overnight camps! 

While we always hope for the best, it is prudent to plan for the worse. In doing so we are prepared no matter the outcome. Here are the 5 reasons that make the Adventure Academy at KidZania, Sentosa a venue of choice because of the available contingencies! This is on top of the many attractions that await!

1. Upon Arrival: The Beach Station Coach Park

When you first arrive at a campsite there is usually a lot of belongings that need to be moved. What’s great is that the coach parks right across KidZania and there is a sheltered walkway right through to the main entrance. The traffic is low and safe with the barricades and zebra crossing lines being seen as in the photos below!

The open shelters also serve as the Wet Weather Contingency plans when outdoor stationed activities have to be shifted or even mass gathering point for up to 200 pax. 


2. When Discovering the Island: Buses in Sentosa 

Taking the buses at Sentosa

Sentosa is a big island and getting groups to move from one checkpoint to another sometimes is a challenge. Everyone is aware that Sentosa is conveniently connected via Sentosa Express Monorail. However not many are aware of the bus routes available in Sentosa. During raining days or weekends, the monorail tends to be crowded; hence buses become a better alternative to bring you to your next destination. 

We have a plan to share with you which we use in our programme, especially for wet weather plans. It is convenient and even faster than the monorail. 

One of our exciting activities is to go on a Sentosa Nature Discovery

Even though KidZania and Imbiah trail is only one monorail station apart from each other, it could get crowded with tourists. It makes it a little inconvenient, especially when there is a slight drizzle as campers would still need to walk in along unsheltered walkways. 

There are 3 bus routes available, bus A, bus B and bus C. We usually take bus A from Beach station to Imbiah lookout and bus C back from Imbiah lookout to Beach station. Both bus routes are just one station away, and the bus station is just a stone's throw away from both KidZania and Imbiah Trail. 

Bonus fact: places located at the Beach Station have sheltered walkways for you to travel around!

Sentosa Bus Schedule

3. When Discovering the Island: Sentosa Nature Discovery Gallery

The Imbiah nature hike is one of the highlights of our outdoor programme. But in the event of a cat 1 downpour, safety takes precedence. What happens then? We’ve got that covered! 

Sentosa Nature Discovery

Before the starting point of the hike, there is an indoor exhibit for participants to learn everything about Nature ranging from types of insects, animals and trees. We have prepared an activity here for participants to have fun and educational time in the area. We have especially created a list of questions for participants to answer, the answers can be found across the whole area. 

Sentosa Nature Discovery

The area has a lot of interactive installations to engage the participants. For example, they can press a button to listen to the different sounds of insects, and they can turn the boards to find different information. These methods help to keep participants excited and engaged. 

4. When Discovering the Island: Various Pavilions Around Sentosa 

Sentosa Amazing Races, station checkpoints and team challenges are one of the highlights at camps. These activities can continue even on a rainy day as we are able to shift these activities to nearby covered areas scattered around Sentosa! And there are plenty available for access!

Sheltered Walkways in Sentosa

Sheltered Walkways in Sentosa

There are numerous pavilions around Sentosa and also networks of carefully connected walkways. These facilities not only serve as pit stops during expeditions around Sentosa, but can also serve as venues for quiet reflection after vigorous exercises to cool off and engage in discussion in smaller groups. 

5. Within KidZania City: The programme can go on! 

Our newly developed adventure academy is nestled right within the city of Kidzania. This allows us to conduct activities at the following facilities that are fully air conditioned and large enough to host groups of 30 - 60 participants. 

During certain times of the year, haze, rain and even extreme heat become unpredictable. Complying with guidelines, there are PSI readings that we follow strictly with. Should there be any outdoor camps that encounter haze levels that are unsafe, our activities can still proceed indoors . 

5a. The KidZania City Square 

Designed to safely hold up to 800 participants at any point of time, The City Square is an excellent spot to soak in the beauty of the city at night. 

KidZania City Square

Once the park closes at 6.30 pm, the city square is available for us to conduct activities in air conditioned comfort. Programmes run here, with the picturesque backdrop of the city, will make for amazing memories in the years to come.

5b. Next generation accommodation: KidZania Singapore and High Achievers Academy

Our vision of camps in the future is encapsulated in our latest facility , the High Achievers Academy. Apart from the private 80 bed facility, there is adequate space in each of the rest areas to conduct activities in the event of rain or haze . 

High Achievers Adventure Academy

Work tables and chairs can be brought out to allow handicraft based activities to proceed. 

High Achievers Adventure Academy

5c. Air-conditioned Indoor Stadium in KidZania 

Located next to the Adventure academy is a tennis court sized indoor stadium that can fit up to 60 standing participants. 

Stadium at KidZania Singapore

What about a friendly soccer match or two? The stadium in KidZania is perfect for fostering bonds and friendly competition amongst teams or classes! This is also where we conduct our drone programmes that can’t be conducted outdoors. 

Note: Charges apply to book these facilities 

5d. A Victorian Theatre Designed For Kids -  Theatre in KidZania 

KidZania City Theatre

Lights, camera and ACTION! If you require professional stage management for your events, then the theatre is the perfect place for it. Put on your dancing shoes and have a great time! 

Note: Charges apply to book these facilities 

5e. Play under a real plane! - The Qatar fuselage 

Campfire beneath the Fuselage of Qatar Airways Boeing 787

Beneath the iconic Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner fuselage, there is a small platform that can double up as a stage. We've had performances and even a campfire at the spot! This is also where we have camp briefings before we bring our campers into the Academy. In the event of bad weather this is our venue of voice for the finale group photo! 

5f.  Sheltered activity with a view - Rooftop Garden Covered Area 

Located on the 3rd floor of the KidZania building is an amazing rooftop garden. This manicured rooftop boasts lots of sheltered area that allow us to conduct activities away from the heat and rain. The rooftop garden also allows panoramic views of Palawan beach and surrounding structures. 

Off the beaten path, the foot faults to this garden is low and serves as a good activity area in the event your group does not want to venture too far off for some fresh air and sights! 

As we plan for an event, everyone involved would want the programme to be a success. For preschoolers, it's the highlight that they look forward to for months on end. Hence, at High Achievers, we do our best to ensure that the programme can go on by having the necessary contingencies in place. 

Facilities do help in playing a big role in facilitating events. However, more importantly, we also rely on agile camp chiefs, engaging facilitators and the corporation of understanding teachers to make quick decisions for the benefit of participants. 

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