4 Attractions in Sentosa That Are Not USS (Great for Preschoolers!)

4 Attractions in Sentosa That Are Not USS (Great for Preschoolers!)

March 24, 2020

Sentosa Island needs no introduction. The beautiful island in the south of Singapore is best known for housing attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore. 

However, there are hidden gems that also make Sentosa a ideal venue for your your preschooler!  Here are a list of things to do with your preschooler over weekends or school holidays that are sure to excite and engage your child ! 


1. Animal Encounters

Nestled right next to KidZania Singapore is a large amphitheater similar to those found at the Singapore Zoo! Bringing your little ones to interact with some amazing creatures is the best way to bring learning outdoors. Here, you'll get to see close encounters with animals such as monkeys, reptiles, parrots and birds of prey at the Palawan Ampitheatre.  There are regular showtimes and each 30-minute segment lets participants get up close and personal with the animals on display. 

There is also an animal enclosure managed by Sentosa that houses a couple of different birds and reptiles. What we love about the enclosure is there is an adjacent mini park that is safe for preschoolers to roam about and explore plants and insects. You can just imagine the kind of questions they will have as this experience will definitely pique their curiosity in flora and fauna. 


2. The Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

Crossing the bridge to get to Southernmost point of continental asia

Every great adventure needs some excitement and what can be more exciting than crossing a suspension bridge across a small moat!  What seems like a short bridge to an adult is actually a monumental achievement to a 6-year-old!

Take a walk to Palawan Beach, where you can access the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia via the suspension bridge that is also super Instaworthy. There are two viewing towers with a timber viewing deck, which offers an uninterrupted view of the South China Sea. 

Be amazed at their exhilaration as they spot fishes swimming through the planks when crossing two beaches and as they conquer the 5 flights of steps to reach the highest point! 

This "journey" helps reinforce confidence that they can make it if they push themselves hard enough and they will have the photos to prove it! 


3. Sentosa Nature Discovery

Imbiah Trail Sentosa

Love hiking but worried that you will have to carry your child half way? All parents do! It might seem impossible but there are several walking trails in Sentosa that are short enough for young children but no less exciting than Bukit Timah or MacRitchie trail. One of them is the Sentosa Nature Discover Trail near Imbiah Lookout which is ideal for young hikers.

The trail was specifically built by Sentosa over 10 years ago and has been allowed to develop naturally into a haven for young hikers and even birding  enthusiasts. 

Nature enthusiasts looking for birds at Imbiah Trail

Major check points like the Dragon's Head and waterfall help break the journey and keep the young ones eager to press on to the next checkpoint. We like to see how many plants and animals the kids can spot and tick them off the many detailed information boards that can be found around the trail!

Educational and Information Board at Imbiah Trail

BONUS You might even spot the endangered Magpie Robin if you look really carefully!

What we like to do is give kids the chance to identify leaves and seeds that fall to the ground and if safe, to place them into their scrap book for later show and tell. 

Leafs and Seeds from the grounds of Imbiah Trail 

4. KidZania Singapore

KidZania Singapore, situated at Palawan Kidz City, is a kids-sized indoor city for children aged 4 to 17 years old. Spanning 81,000 square feet, spark your children's imagination at this attraction through role-play activities that allow them to experience what it's like to be a pilot, chef, fireman and more! 

Did you know that there is a huge roof top Garden that is fantastic for letting kids roam freely whilst being able to keep a watchful eye? Well now you do! 

This blog post is brought to you by the team at High Achievers Adventure Academy. 

High Achievers' Adventure Academy is the latest campsite situated at the heart of KidZania's City Square. Explore the KidZania City at night, be the first to enter the role-play activities on the second day and stay over in modern and clean facilities when you sign up for a camp with us! You can contact us for more information on camps and events. Get to wake up at the doorstep of Sentosa and these amazing adventures.

KidZania Singapore Adventure Academy Beds


Please note: Due to COVID-19, some attractions may have limited slots or changed timing. Please stay updated through Sentosa's Attraction page. 

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