BEST Overnight Camp Experience for Preschoolers: RIGHT INSIDE KidZania Singapore!

BEST Overnight Camp Experience for Preschoolers: RIGHT INSIDE KidZania Singapore!

March 25, 2020

Bet you didn't know that there is a campsite IN KidZania Singapore! But, what is there to do at a KidZania Camp? Well, PLENTY! Here are a couple reasons why you MUST have your camps at KidZania Singapore High Achievers' Adventure Academy!

Facilitated Role Play 

Facilitated Role Play

KidZania is famous for their role-play activities where kids can try their hand at different careers. For our programmes, we will have facilitated role-play, which helps students to stay focused on their goals. Even though KidZania is big and has over 40 stations, our coaches will be with the kids wherever they go, so they are guided further than if they were to do it on their own.

An Exclusive Dining Experience 

Dining at KidZania City

Special menu bento that kids will love in the themed cafes exclusively booked for us! The western menu is the most popular amongst both adults and kids because it has chicken nuggets inside! And who doesn't LOVE chicken nuggets, right? With food catered by the Faber Group, you can be assured that they are halal-certified, approved by the Health Promotion Board and absolutely DELICIOUS!

Night Team-Building Activities 

Ever wondered how the KidZania City feels at night? There are no public guests around, so you and your friends get to explore it! Pretty cool, isn't it? The streets of KidZania's City is opened exclusively at night for us to execute many exciting team-building and camp activities. We have large spaces, an air-conditioned environment and soft ground to play. An example of an ideal place to hold events will be the big stadium in KidZania. 

Comfortable and Safe Sleeping Experience (Think.....Bunk beds, Air-Con, Sink, Clean Space, Night Sentry)

Our facility is open for your viewing on Fridays! Book a timeslot with us here, and we will bring you on a tour of the facility! The beds' mattresses are thick, the beds come with curtains (great for privacy) and uniquely built-in dual USB ports for you to charge your gadgets. For the people sleeping in the upper bunk, we have a sturdy broad ladder for you to climb into your bed.

Theatre for Graduation Ceremonies or Performances

Let's welcome the next superstar of the show! KidZania has its very own theatre that can hold up to 110 pax. Every child loves to dance and sing, this is the time for them to shine! Parents are welcomed to watch their performance and take a video of their superstar moment. With proper lighting, perfect ambiance, comfortable seats, a huge screen and a stage, the theatre is an ideal space to hold a graduation ceremony as well. 

Rooftop Night Exploration

KidZania Singapore Rooftop Exploration

Have you seen preschoolers do night walks in a garden? This is the chance for young kids to explore nature in the dark, to discover nocturnal life. We even have animal hunts in the dark where they will use their torchlights to find their way around and see some unique insects and animals.

Gain Independence 

Are kids able to sleep without their parents for a night? Can they shower on their own? Are they able to wake up and get ready without help? Can they even make their own beds? We do know of some kids who would definitely require some help. We are here to ensure that they attempt daily living skills on their own. The trainers and teachers are there to observe and assist them, using these moments as teachable moments that cannot be found in school!

Learn a New Skill: Pitching Tents!

It's hard to believe that a group of preschoolers can pitch the tents as quickly as a group of adults...but we have witnessed it! We held a preschool programme with tent-pitching as a night activity, and we were amazed by the speed at which they learned. With step-by-step guidance and teamwork, they picked up the skills very quickly. It is also encouraged for kids to learn a new skill from a young age to give them a boost of confidence that they can learn anything if they put their minds to it.

Meet New Big Brothers and Sisters (Our General Instructors) 

High Achievers Instructors in Action

A camp is memorable not only because of the programmes, but because of the friendships forged along the way. Our coaches and instructors love meeting new campers and create bonds with and between them. We love to see their happy faces and have them around with us. They are our sunshine and seeing them learn while also enjoying themselves is the best achievement for the team. 

Different Themed Camps 

Themed Camps at High Achievers Adventure Academy

Have a budget constraint? Want a themed party? A birthday party, slumber party or even a graduation party? We have several options for you to choose from. Still, we can customise your event, even if it is not part of our offering. Feel free to speak to any of our staff at the facility tour, or you can send in an enquiry!


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