The 7 Priceless Takeaways From an Overnight Preschool Camp at Sentosa

The 7 Priceless Takeaways From an Overnight Preschool Camp at Sentosa

April 06, 2020

Money can buy many things, but money definitely cannot buy some of the important lessons in life for your little preschoolers can gain from attending an overnight camp at Sentosa Island. Here are 7 priceless takeaways from an overnight preschool camp at Sentosa Island:

1. A Sense of Independence

A participant independently packing her bag
For a lot of kids going to camp, this is the first time they will be apart from their parents for the night. And we understand that it is a scary thing for the kids. Not surprisingly, parents could be more afraid than the participants!

As coaches, we want to help them ease into doing things on their own. Whether it is clearing up after a meal or stowing away used laundry after a day of activities, these are the things they have to learn to do themselves at camp.

Of course, for some, there is separation anxiety. We mitigate this by allowing students to video call their parents! But for the majority, the sheer excitement of exploring KidZania Singapore's City with their friends at night helps them forget that mummy and daddy are not around. Realising that life goes on the next morning gives them a first taste of "Hey, I can do this on my own!"

We love it when kids approach us with pride when they have done something on their own and can't wait to tell others about it.

2. Increased Inquisitiveness

Participants asking questions
Learning how to reflect on activities is part and parcel of every preschool camp. Participants are guided during their reflection time. This also allows them to record their observations in their camp journals that they can look back on and show to friends and family, detailing their unique journey.

Participants filling in their camp journals

As they learn to reflect, questions are bound to come up and our facilitators do their best to help give them perspective about how they performed in a given task.

3. Money Management

One of the key learning outcomes in facilitated role play is to teach kids how to manage money and how to make decisions given a limited set of resources. They have a fixed amount of time to engage in occupations of their interest and they can also choose to spend their hard earned kidZos at the store.

Role-playing and kidZos

Each child arrives to their decisions in different and unparalleled ways, largely driven by their own personal experiences and values. Some make good choices and some, questionable choices. But one thing  is for sure: they are challenged to make choices about money which will help them as they enter Primary School where more money management choices will be made.

4. Wayfinding and Planning

Hiking and Wayfinding
Part of our programme includes nature trails. This allows children to learn wayfinding by looking at maps and coordinating with where they are at the moment. We also orientate the kids around KidZania City on the night of the camp when KidZania Singapore is closed to the public. This helps the kids to be aware of their surroundings and remember directions to and from the places they know. Activities as simple as map-reading could be challenging for preschoolers. Still, we will guide them along as they explore KidZania Singapore.

As they enter primary school, kids will have to learn how to manage themselves and their belongings as they navigate using either school buses or public transport. Sentosa offers a unique opportunity for kids to find their way from one check point to another including taking shuttle buses. We enjoy seeing that sparkle in their eyes when they are able to self navigate and direct their own paths.

5. Working in Teams

The overnight camp experience presents a unique opportunity for kids to work together as they are all placed in a new and unfamiliar environment and must help one another overcome challenges and complete tasks. We are amazed at how kids band together to help one another even in simpler things like sharing a spare plastic bag or insect repellent. What is more amazing is the constant chatter during break times in their gender-separated dorms, even when they are tired.

6. Breaking Out of Their Shells

Everyone of us has a shy side and are there always participants who may be coy and quiet at first. But with numerous opportunities for them to shine and display their talents either in performance role play at KidZania or at night campfires, even teachers are surprised at how quiet kids gather the courage to take on challenges with the encouragement of their friends. We hope the courage they find at camp continues after and are glad to be part of that experience.

7. Sense of Accomplishment

At the end of every camp participants are tired but happy! Happy that they saw and did so many new things and have treasured memories of them ending the school term as they graduate to their next stage in life.


Dear Teachers, given the current COVID-19 situation, we understand that you might not be able to come and visit our academy. However we are taking this time to better understand your needs whilst waiting for the situation to improve .

Register your interest here and in the interim if you need any camp equipment your indoor programmes, we are happy to assist! 

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