Youtuber Science Holiday Camp - Registration Deposit

This 1.5 day holiday camp is designed for children and youth aged 8 to 12 years old. The camp aims for students to learn through fun hands-on activities based on MOE syllabus.

Students will role play as YouTubers to investigate plant system and plant life cycle (P3-P4 Science). They will also work as a team to design roller coasters by applying concepts in energy (P5-P6 Science) to build the most epic rollercoaster.

  • Learning Outcomes   
  • Develop Confidence in Applying Science Concepts to Application Questions
  • Increase Self Confidence & Self-management through outdoor adventure
  • Build Communication Skills through Teamwork

Please note that the full fee for this programme is $270/pax. The balance of $189 will be collected 7 days prior to the event commencement. 

Please note that a minimum of 30 participants is required for the programme to commence. Deposits will be refunded if the event is unable to proceed. 

For more details, send us a Whatsapp message


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