The Odyssey Program

The Odyssey Programme (2017)

“A long wandering voyage marked by changes in fortune”.

 The Odyssey Programme is an “Amazing Race”-type programme with an emphasis on the journey of ups and downs. Groups of participants will manage their allocated resources collectively towards the completion of their journey. This programme requires participants to move around from place to place after accomplishing designated tasks, which progressively increase in difficulty throughout the journey.

Checkpoints throughout the route are station activities which provide opportunity to explore strengths and weaknesses in the group, and promote the power to exercise choice. Key messages echoed throughout the program are the critical need for resilience when facing the unknown, and the need for cooperation and collaboration for the synergy and success for all. The end-of-activity reflection focuses on process rather than product; journey rather than destination.

This is a custom program which will be tailored to fit the organisations requirements subject to venue and facilities available. 

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