The Arctic Odyssey (Snow Science Program)

  • Fear that your child has been spending too much time indoors recently? Or do you believe that scientific concepts can be internalized better if taught in a more engaging and experiential manner? Well, if your answer to any of the questions is ‘Yes!’, The Arctic Odyssey would be the perfect program to enroll your child into for the upcoming holidays. Delve deep into the mysteries behind snow science through interactive workshops, where your child would get the first-handed experience of seeing the scientific concepts being taught in school come alive. Participants will also get a novel experience of camping outdoors, where they will learn the to be more independent and also pick up leadership and communication skills along the way.


    Upcoming Program Dates are tentatively held on the 7th to 8th of September 2018 

  • Program Timetable

    • Team & Initiative Games
    • Basic Camp Craft skills training
    • Night BBQ outdoor cooking experience
    • Snow Science Workshop
    • Creation of the participants' very own snow blizzard
    • The Arctic 101
    • The Arctic Odyssey Challenge
    • Nitrogen Ice Cream Workshop


  • Participants will get a first-handed experience of life outdoors and also get to develop their own spirit of adventure. Experiences like outdoor camping will definitely encourage the participants to step out of their comfort zones.

    Through interactive, hands-on workshops, participants will also get to apply scientific concepts taught in class to understanding the science behind snow - what causes it to happen and also the various properties of ice and water

  • High Achievers is a turn-key learning solutions provider. We utilize both outdoor and indoor learning platforms to bring out the best in our participants. A member of OLAE and vendor to Schools for their cohort  programs, we are pleased to offer these  enrichment programs to members of the public . These enrichment programs  are designed along the same exacting standards for safety and learning outcomes as if it were delivered to schools.