St John's Island

Just 15 minutes away from mainland Singapore, High Achievers Outdoor Consultants has found an ideal learning environment for the youth on St John's Island. We recognise the importance of National Education and aim to effectively deliver and foster a strong national spirit through the fascinating exploration of St John's Island.

The beautiful swimming lagoons and beaches scattered on this rugged island are part of a natural backdrop for our water rafting and National Education programmes. 

In addition, High Achievers promotes healthy living through our fun customized adventure activities, the youth will vastly improve their physical robustness and learn to build a cohesive social identity with their peers and teachers.

Away from our 'concrete jungle', the youths will not only be immersed in the beautiful rugged environment but along with High Achievers' carefully-designed programs, we will equip the youth with the necessary 21st Century Competencies.