Sarimbun Scout Camp

Sarimbun Scout Camp is probably the biggest and oldest campsite in Singapore, blessed with a lush green and rugged environment. It provides the opportunity for youths to get away from the concrete jungle and for them to experience the outdoors in all its natural beauty.

Located at 70 Jalan Bahtera and covering 12 beautiful and expansive hectares, Sarimbun Scout Camp provides the perfect rustic outdoor environment for experiential learning.

Youths will be brought out of their comfort zones as they persevere through extensive land expeditions, jungle treks and pond activities. They will learn to communicate effectively, to rise up to the various challenges, work effectively with one another and learn to have fun in a different environment.

Camp components include team-building initiatives, rock-climbing, day/night confidence topography, land expedition around Lim Chu Kang vicinity, pond activities, campfire, outdoor cooking.

  • A-huts – able to accommodate up to 200 pax
  • Non Air Conditioned Dormitories – able to accommodate up to 150 pax
  • Air Conditioned Dormitories – able to accommodate up to 84 pax
  • Camping grounds – able to accommodate up to 900 pax
  • Iconic Multi Purpose Hall
  • Dining halls to accommodate various group sizes
  • Campfire circles
  • Auditorium – able to accommodate up to 84 pax
  • Air Conditioned and Non Air Conditioned Training Rooms
  • BBQ Pits


  • Outdoor Climbing Wall
  • Low Elements Courses
  • Butter Hill
  • Milo Pond
  • Water Activities Center – Kayaking and Rafting

High Elements at Sarimbun:

Suspended 20 to 60 feet off the ground, the High Elements are used to evoke extreme emotions from the students as they are placed in situations that challenge them to step out of their comfort zones into new horizons of victory and achievement.  Through the handling of these situations and the physicality of the elements, the students will be able to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, learn how to conqueror their own emotional giants and limiting mindsets.

Learning Outcomes for High Elements:

  1. Learn how to turn negative perspectives into positive ones
  2. Learn to overcome limiting emotions and thoughts under extreme challenges
  3. Develop self-confidence

High Achievers is a strategic partner with Sarimbun Scout Camp for the delivery of comprehensive programs for clients in the following segments :

  1. International Schools
  2. Institutions Of Higher Learning
  3. Regional Visitors to Singapore
  4. Corporates
  5. Polytechnics

We have developed custom activities that can fully utilise the outdoor learning potential of the site. We can provide turnkey solutions as well as provide training and safety recommendations to your conductors for self-managed programs.

For more details about the facilities, do drop us an email or give us a call!


High Achievers is a program partner which is conducted at this venue. This venue is owned and operated separately.