Safety Harness: ROCK EMPIRE SPEEDY *RENTAL* (decommissioned)

**Unless otherwise specified please note that safety ropes and harnesses are for non weight bearing purposes only and are suitable for on ground game play and training illustration for youths. Not suitable for high risk safety projects.**

Rock Empire SPEEDY Harness. Great for anyone who wants to abseil,  try out sport climbing or just feel the wind as they zipline down the tower. 1 size fits most.


 The life of textile products is 10+5 years (5 years of storage in compliance with the instructions, 10 years from the first use.) If the authorised person establishes that the product is not suitable for further safe use it is competent to recommend discontinuation of further use of the product even before elapse of its lifespan.


The images shown in this section is for illustration purposes and may differ from the actual product based on available stock . A representative will contact you to confirm the items based on your selection . 

$5 per harness per day. Deposit of $30 per harness required. Subject to availability. 

We currently have 50 sit harnesses in stock and 10 full body harnesses (from all brands available).

Please note that for rentals that cross over weekends and public holidays. That a min of two days rental is required. For weekend rentals pick up will be on Friday and return on Monday.