Para Para Eggy Challenge

Para Para Eggy Challenge:

Para Para Eggy challenge offers a dynamic and exciting, outdoor experiential learning adventure. The event fuses effective learning and application with fun and team building; it offers a variety of activities and challenges that engage the participants’ personal effectiveness and development.

Para Para Eggy challenge is strategically designed and customized to develop their communication skills and problem-solving skills, bond teams and build teamwork, expose and raise leadership competence, generate creativity and innovation; and it also stretches their personal determination, the strength of character, positive mindsets and attitudes. Participants will boldly step out beyond their comfort zone, into a rigorous, fast paced and different environment.

In part 1, participants will be going through a casualty challenge session. All teams must complete as many challenges as possible. The points earned from each will be given as resources for the team to ‘buy’ their material in the next segment.

In the second segment, teams are to ‘buy’ materials using the points they earned from the challenges. These materials will be used for teams to build a ‘parachute’ for each of their egg. This parachute must prevent the egg from breaking once it is thrown from a height.  Teams must decide on how big, how long, how wide the parachute is in order for them to achieve the objective above. 

Learning Outcomes for Para Para Eggy:

  1. Understand the effectiveness of working together as a team, to solve problems
  2. Learn how to think out of the box, to present the best possible solution/result/product
  3. Realize the importance of time management and goal-setting, in relation to their studies.

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