Paddles: Harmony Gear ADVENTURE PADDLE

The Harmony Sea Passage Paddle offers moderate-sized asymmetrical blades that work well in everything from placid lakes to rough seas. It is suitable for both high and low angle paddling styles and is available with either a 0 degree or 60 degrees offset. The Sea Passage is one of Harmony Gear's most popular touring paddles and for good reason.

• Works well for high or low angle paddling
• Popular touring paddles
• Moderate-size asymmetrical blades suitable for placid or rough waters

The images shown in this section is for illustration purposes and may differ from the actual product based on available stock. A representative will contact you to confirm the items based on your selection.

We currently have 38 paddles in stock. Rental prices are $5 a day per paddle. Deposit of $25 per paddle required. Subject to availability.

Please note that for rentals that cross over weekends and public holidays. That a min of two days rental is required. For weekend rentals pick up will be on Friday and return on Monday.