Sparkles (Night/Day)

Sparkles (Night/Day):

Sparkles is a session of sharing and reflection, targeted especially for leadership group (student councils, prefects, etc.). The trainer will be guiding the participants to walk through their journey together as the camp passes by.  It is a time of a heart to heart sharing of burdens, visions, experiences, etc. Participants are to gather in a circle, each will be given a small tea-light or light stick. At any point of time, whoever wants to share their invaluable experience, he/she will be holding up his/her light and start talking.  

Learning Outcomes for Sparkles (Night/Day):

  1. Understand the importance of Humility and
  2. Understand the importance of Servant Leadership
  3. Learn to care enough to be vulnerable
  4. Build up character of Integrity

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