Urban Cookout Challenge @ DKranji

  • This coming school holiday, hone your child’s independence and taste buds in a culinary program specially designed for young urban warriors! Set within DKranji Farm Resort, participants will be able to hand harvest key ingredients such as herbs and micro-greens to re-create classic dishes fit for any gourmand.

    Together as a team, they will prepare and create sampling dishes from different countries and cultures! Participants can mingle and sample their teammates' creations in a social experience we like to call the High Table Huddle.


  • Program Timetable

    • Guided Farm Tour and introduction to various farming systems at Dkranji
    • Team Challenge & Ingredients Sourcing 
    • Station Briefing, Equipping & Harvesting
    • Team Cookout
    • High Table Circuit


  • Through a guided farm tour, kids will get the chance to appreciate the complexities behind food production more. They will also be given the hands-on experience of preparing their own meals with some organic ingredients that are freshly picked from the farm itself.

    The HHH program has been successfully implemented for over 50 students from St Francis' Methodist school, and overwhelmingly positive feedback has been received thus far.

    Grab a sneak peek of the entire program below!

  • High Achievers is a turn-key learning solutions provider. We utilize both outdoor and indoor learning platforms to bring out the best in our participants. A member of OLAE and vendor to Schools for their cohort programs, we are pleased to offer these enrichment programs to members of the public. These enrichment programs are designed along the same exacting standards for safety and learning outcomes as if it were delivered to schools.