Group & Initiative Games

Group & Initiative Games

The group games are centered around fun, exhilaration and cooperation. They encourage involvement and playfulness in a relaxed setting. The Initiative games consist of puzzles and challenges designed to help the group learn about themselves and how they function together.

The various strengths, weaknesses, and unique skills of individuals in the group are taken into account while solving these problems and group members must share ideas and physical support as they work toward their common goal. 

Ice breaking games and initiative games include “The Squirrel Game”, “Blow Wind Blow”, “Whacko”, and “Where’s the peanut?”

Learning Outcomes for Group & Initiative Games:

  1. Build their self esteem and acceptance by the group
  2. Understand the importance of team cohesion and team decision making
  3. Increase their self-confidence and confidence in a team

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