Gladiator is a challenge played among four teams. The teams are divided into four segments of a rectangle. The objective is to throw water balloons or other ammunitions at a target at the edge of their opponents’ segments and break it. Rules and conditions are set in place to limit the range of the players. This is a game that requires teamwork and strategy. The students will learn that working as a team can help them to protect their targets as well as attack their opponents’ targets. If they find that they are losing, they might revise strategies and communicating new strategy will prove their effectiveness as a team.

Learning Outcomes for Gladiator:

  1. To understand that everyone plays a part in a team
  2. To develop Winner’s Mindset – “The Cutting Edge”
  3. To build sense of Integrity
  4. To develop Effective Planning
  5. To develop Strategic Planning
  6. To develop Effective Communication

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