Amazing Race (St. John's Island)

Amazing Race (St. John's Island)

Participants are grouped into smaller numbers to encourage higher participation from individuals. Each group is thus scattered to different parts of the island to accomplish different tasks or challenges and solving puzzles. It requires participants to move around from station to station after accomplishing designated task. Each clue given at the stations will then be given to the participants to solve in order to proceed to the next station. Taking into consideration the age range, the only vigorous activity is the movement from station to station. Facilitators who conduct the challenges for the groups will accompany each group

The combination of the fun element of the activity itself and the rich educational value of the island puts together an experiential learning package for the participants. It is an activity based on the educational tour that enhances learning as the students enjoy themselves in the midst of solving puzzles and accomplishing missions.

Learning Outcomes for Amazing Race (St. John's Island):

  1. Build life skills in cooperation
  2. Develop communication skills
  3. Develop decision-making skills
  4. Build up team spirit
  5. National Education
  6. Situational Leadership

Resourcefulness and entrepreneurship

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