Code & Drone Challenge

This coming holidays, let their imagination take flight! This exciting one day program will thrust your child into the world of robotics and aerial photography. Kids will get to tinker with electronics and set up their very own drone. Customize it to make it their own and then step into the director's chair to plan and direct their very own drone montage. Our team of trainers will facilitate inter-team competitions to test out their skills. This is a learning experience not to be missed!  

Let your child's imagination take flight with our Drone Day Challenge! This exciting one day program will let your child take the first step into the fascinating world of robotics and aerial cinematography. Kids will be issued a personal drone set and will be taught how set-up, pilot and take video footage with their individual unit. The best thing is that they get to keep their drone after the program ends!

  • WhatsApp us at this number for further details.

  • Venue:
    Shelton International College 

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