Beach Telematches

Beach Telematches:

Beach Telematches is a series of challenges played in the beach setting with relays concept. These activities help participants to recognize the significant role each other plays in a team. Some may be better at swimming, others at cheering; others stronger running in water, some better at holding their breaths longer, etc. Different people are better at different things. Hence they will learn to accept and appreciate themselves and others, and in turn, can recognize and utilize that in working and daily life.

Because of the variety of the challenges, this activity suits a vast range of age group. Therefore it is also suitable for the family day program.

The sample of Matches:

 Dragon Float: 4 participants will be on the floats. Each of their legs will be attached to their team mate’s armpit. They must paddle using their hands and transfer the whole row to the other side.

 MRT: passing marbles on a trunk in.

Face-To-Face: passing balls using their face

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