7D6N Singapore S.T.E.M (Inbound)

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  • High Achievers latest immersive science and technology learning journey.

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  • Program Highlights

    Urban Farming

    Future farming will be in the centre of cities and participants will experience the latest food productions systems being tested in urban Singapore. Not for the squeamish you need to get your hands dirty and experience real food production.


    Throughout the program you will be encouraged to capture moments and compile them into your own video presentation. Use our sound studios and tap onto our media specialists to document the highlight event which is a sleep over at the undersea world.

    Water Technology

    Singapore is at the front line of water innovation, becoming a hub for mutually beneficial technology collaborations and exchanges as it shores up its own water security. Participants learn first-hand the strategies and technology used in this process and use the drone skills they have learnt to capture dramatic footage in a safe and professional manner.

    Robotics & Labwork

    Participants upgrade their drone units by deploying simple design techniques and learn how to pilot drone units. They get to pit their skills against each other in challenges that facilitate team building.

    Urban Planning & Design thinking

    Singapore is known for its far sighted urban development programs and its “city in a garden” concepts. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about Singapore’s urban development plans and strategies for the future.

    A regional design hub, imaginations will ignite as they learn design concepts from the best in the region. Application comes next as they head to the lab to design and test their own components.