7D6N Singapore Discovery (Inbound)

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  • The 7D6N Singapore Discovery Program aims to allow its participants to discover and immerse themselves in Singapore's local culture and heritage.

    Participants will get to experience first-hand local outdoor camp education culture, and also explore nature and adventure in the Singaporean context

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  • Program Highlights

    Sarimbun Scouts Camp

    Sarimbun Scout Camp is probably the biggest and oldest campsite of its kind in Singapore

    Covering 12 beautiful and expansive hectares of lush greenery and ruggedness, the campsite provides the perfect rustic outdoor environment for experiential learning.

    Outdoor Adventure Training

    Through exciting outdoor adventure training, students will definitely be brought out of their comfort zones and also learn how to rise up to new challenges.

    They will get the opportunity to partake in forest treks, pond rafting, camp craft (knots & lashes), and also scavenger hunts.

    "Tall" Challenge - High Elements @ Sarimbun

    Suspended 20 to 60 feet off the ground, the High Elements are used to evoke extreme emotions from the students as they are placed in situations that challenge them to step out of their comfort zones into new horizons of victory and achievement

    Through the handling of these situations and the physicality of the elements, the students will be able to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, learn how to conqueror their own emotional giants and limiting mindsets.

    Challenge Valley @ Sarimbun

    The Challenge Valley circuits is a group-based activity designed to stretch each student physically. The advancement of the group along the circuit hinges on the performance of each individual at each circuit activity.

    As they strategize and execute the solutions to the increasingly challenging circuit activities, the students will come to realize the importance of mutual encouragement and support on the team’s final performance and results.

    Learning Journey @ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

    The learning journey to SBWR aims to provide students with a glimpse and understanding of how Singapore manages to balance environmental preservation even whilst actively pursing economic growth and development

    Campfire Night @ SSA

    Campfire night is the highlight of the camp in which students are encouraged to take part in a team performance

    The process of coming together with different ideas and practices to result in good team performance is an enriching experience for the participants

    Learning Journey @ Bollywood Veggies Farm

    With the fast changing landscape in Singapore, the need for best use of land is critical.

    At Bollywood Veggies Farm, the students will be provided a guided tour by its resident farmers. They will also get to experience how strenuous rice paddy planting can get, as they will be plating several rice paddies during their short trip at the farm. This will definitely go a long way in helping the students understand the origin and also helps them appreciate their food more.

    Heritage Race-Singapore Taste Test

    Singapore grew out of an eventful history and melting pot of different cultures, which has definitely taken root in the culinary scene here

    Students will be given the opportunity to explore and taste local culinary creations that have been borne out of the amalgamation of local cultures here.  

    They will also get to experience the way of life in Singapore when it comes to ordering and consuming food, which will definitely aid in cultural understanding. 

    Learning Journey @ Supermarket

    Tying the culinary experience all together from the producer to the cook and eventually to the consumers, students will be brought to a local supermarket where they will be shopping for the freshest of produce for use in the Project Cook Out Challenge later in the same day 

    Students will get to experience how a Singaporean supermarket works, and contrast it against the supermarkets they have at home. They will also be exposed to a multitude of foreign local ingredients, which will certainly broaden their horizons as well 

    Project Cook Out!

    Armed with simple and standard supplies, the students will need to prepare meals according to given recipes.  

    Even though the complexity of the recipe differs, the students will be faced with a rather foreign task – to cook their own food.  

    The edibility of the food will depend on the students’ resourcefulness and how well the students work together in their pairs. 

    Learning Journey @ Gardens By The Bay

    Singapore has always been known to be a Garden City beyond its borders. However, the recent focus of the government has been towards transforming Singapore into a "city in a garden", of which the first step towards that being the conceptualization and building of the GBTB.  

    The tour at GBTB aims to help students marry the idea of economic development and habitat preservation together towards the idea of sustainable development through unique, experiential learning opportunities 

    Cultural Immersion @ Bugis Street

    Bugis Street is a shopping heaven in Singapore specifically catered towards the younger demographic. 

    Students will get to bask in the emanating youthful vibes as they stroll down the shopping aisles and lanes. They will also be having a free and easy dinner, all of which will undoubtedly provide them with a glimpse of the leisure life of an average Singaporean teen.