Camping Tents *RENTAL*

Camping tents of two variants: 4-man tent and 6-man tent, are available for rental. The tents are easily packed, portable and can be pitched both indoors and outdoors.

    Rental prices:

    • 4 Man Tent : $25 a day per tent
    • 6 Man Tent : $30 a day per tent.


    • $40 per 4 man tent
    • $60 per 6 man tent


    • One set of 6-man tent includes: 1 tent, 1 fly sheet, 2 sets of 11 segment poles for tent
    • One set of 6-man tent includes: 1 tent, 1 rain sheet, 4 sets of 9 segment poles for tent (2020 version) 
    • One set of 4-man tent includes: 1 tent, 1 fly sheet, 2 sets of 8 segment poles for tent

    Damages / Lost of equipment $60

    Cleaning fee of $25 per set if returned dirty

    You may collect them at our office from 9am-6pm on weekdays. Orange tents are stamped with the HA logo. Tents are subject to availability, please contact 98215914 for early reservations.


    *Do note that these are used tents. On the date of collection, there will be an open space for you to inspect the condition of the tents as well as set them up (no worries, we will guide you if you are having any troubles!) Once you have made payment and collected the tents, we will deem that you are satisfied with the tents and will not be liable for any issues with the tents thereafter.

    Please note that for rentals that cross over weekends and public holidays. That a min of two days rental is required. For weekend rentals pick up will be on Friday and return on Monday. 

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