2D1N Dec Holidays Camp - The Arctic Odyssey (2017)

  • Synopsis:
    The Arctic Odyssey –an adventure in the wild and desert landscape. It is the will to discover a new world, cold, and white, quiet, empty but filled with human emotions and lessons about life, growing up and camaraderie. Leave no man behind.
    Six young explorers, who are on their maiden trip to the Arctic, are facing a challenge: fighting weather conditions, tiredness, pain and injuries during a trek in Iceland with skis, tents and pulkas. They will need to communicate and help each other to get through the journey.
    Come, join our young explorers as they search for answers to the pressing issue –Snow Science!

  • 2 Days 1 Night

    $180  (Excluding GST)
    Sibling discount (2nd child gets 10% discount)
    Package rate for confirmed min. no. of 50 students
    Rate quoted is valid for 30 days from date of proposal.
    (* Snow Venture PteLtd is a GST-registered company)

    Venue: Snow City, Science Centre Singapore

 Night Activity Video  

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