Below are the testimonials from some of our past clients who have worked with us before.
"The facilitation training was smooth and well-structured to facilitate learning. As a staff who has been mentoring youth wing volunteers, I can see that the youth wing members did learn how to structure their own activities and conduct proper debrief session. The facilitation training also allowed them to have a chance to experience being both a participant and facilitator. This helps them to have both perspective and improve on their own skills. Thank you for patiently guiding them and leading them, to discover their own leadership potential and sharpening their facilitation skills. I would like to thank you for providing professional advice and assistance throughout the planning stage and the actual execution of the facilitation training. Your expertise in coordinating and conducting the facilitation training to run smoothly and heeding to our requests is appreciated."
Ms Ooi Fang Yu
Staff in Charge for OnePeople.sg's Youth Wing
"The most important aspect of leadership that I learnt at the Summit (The Legendary Leaders’ Summit, 2010) was to encourage others. Often in our time as seniors, we are equipping and empowering our juniors so much that we forget the power of encouragement, of just lifting another up. In the Summit, through the obstacles and adversities that we faced, I saw how my own encouragement of others bonded the team together, pushed us beyond our limits, and forged the friendships and camaraderie that I'm enjoying today."
Wong Ming Kang, 'The Resilience Leader'
Head Prefect and President of Hougean Leadership Council
Hougang Secondary School
"Coach is amazing as she is very knowledgeable of things in Cambodia and she knows how to ask questions to trigger the students in their thinking. From her, students learn about service with heart, character etc."
Mr Ek Kim San Glen
Chung Cheng High School (Main)
"There is a saying that says 'It takes 3 years to build a reputation, but 3 days to tear it down'. I feel it is important to have self-discipline, to uphold our mindsets and values. It is easy to give up, but difficult to continue. I learnt in the Summit (The Legendary Leaders’ Summit, 2010) that it is important to always do your utmost to the end, regardless if it will turn out a success or a failure. Also, our journey in leadership is never alone, and there are always others who will cheer you on your way."
Koh Shi Hao
EXCO member, Student Council
Swiss Cottage Secondary School
"The part on the shared vision inspired me the most. At school, no one seems to be motivated, or know the way for the Student Council as we did not have a clear vision. With this knowledge, I now know how I can make an impact in our Student Council by creating that vision for us to move towards to, and this will eventually impact the rest of the student body."
Alexander Noronha
President, Student Council
Outram Secondary School
"The Casualty Evacuation activity taught me the importance of taking a step back, to observe and learn from others. As a leader, I also need to know how to be a good follower. By observing how others take the lead, how they give instructions, how they encourage themselves and the rest of the team, gave me a different perspective on how an all-rounded leader should be."
Florence Leung
EXCO Member, Student Council
Dunman High School