Teresa Ng

Teresa started her journey in High Achievers as a Freelance Instructor. Inspired by the Camp Chief at her Primary 5 Cohort camp, Teresa's ambition was to become a Camp Instructor when she graduated from school. She felt that being a girl boss, whose peers approached whenever they had doubts or questions, was super cool. Teresa joined High Achievers as a Senior Programme Consultant after four years of freelancing.

Her favourite part of every camp are campfires, high elements and water activities. Seeing campers during these moments allows her to watch them grow as they challenge themselves to do things they thought they could not. Campfires are also the best as it is usually on the last night of the camp, and that's when everyone comes together to perform. It gets Teresa teary, sometimes. She also treasures the friendships and valuable relationships form through the programme processes. 

Her most memorable camp is one where we hosted an overseas group for a 7-days-6-nights programme. After spending that much time with the inbound students, watching them leave for their departure at the airport got Teresa extremely emotional.

In her free time, Teresa plays Soft Tip Darts. She takes part in leagues and open games as she has a very competitive spirit. Soft tip darts requires both stamina and mental strength to complete each game. For Teresa, it is not just about winning but also overcoming the thoughts in your head when you are stressed out by your opponent during a match. Other than that, she also plays volleyball and inline skating!

Other than planning, executing and coming up with new programmes, Teresa also writes articles for our blog. Check out her writings here.