Learning Skills

Building Values, Changing Lives

High Achievers Learning on shaping and impacting youths with positive Learning Attitudes and relevant Skills to excel in classroom learning and cultivate life-long learning.

Learning Performance Programmes

  Foundational Series (Secondary School):

  • Foundations Of Learning™
  • Managing Time & Studies – I™
  • Managing Knowledge & Content™
  • Conquering The Final Lap™

Intermediate Series (Secondary School):

  • Managing Time & Studies – II™
  • Note Taking & Memory Techniques – I™
  • DISCovering Me™: Learning

Advanced Series (Secondary School):

  • Note-Making & Memory Techniques™
  • Reign In Your Exams™

Transformational Programmes

  • Project Super Achievers™ (Secondary School)
  • Project Super Learners™ (Secondary School)
  • Project Super Performer™ (Secondary School)
  • Project SUPERHERO™ (Primary School)