Building Values, Changing Lives

High Achievers Leadership focuses on addressing youths’ mentality towards leadership. Equipping them with Leadership Principles and developing their Competencies, HA Leadership moulds self-leaders, with excellent teamwork abilities and positive influence on others, who add value to their classes, CCAs and future organisations.


Cohort Leadership Development Programmes


Leadership Principles Series:

  • Making A Difference I™
  • Making A Difference II™
  • Making A Difference III™
  • Innovative Leadership™

Team Dynamic Series:

  • Power Of Team™
  • Power Of Roles™
  • Power Of Shared Vision™

    Selected Leaders Development Programmes


    Leadership Principles Series (Secondary School):

    • Essence of Leadership™
    • Advancing Leadership Effectiveness™
    • Cutting Edge Leadership™
    • Living and Leaving A Legacy™

    Leadership Principles Series (Primary School):

    • Love To Lead™
    • Power To Lead™

    Leadership Competence Series:

    • Class Management 101™
    • Inspire Your Audience™
    • Peer Mediation™
    • Facilitation Skills I™ (Activities)
    • Facilitation Skills II™ (Discussions/ Meetings)
    • Project Management™

    Team Dynamics:

    • D.O.T.A - Driving On Team's Assets™
    • One Heart, One Voice™
    • T.E.A.M!™
    • Team WORKS!™
    • Team UP!™