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 Overseas Study Tour Programmes KidZania Sentosa

Singapore is a destination of choice for students in the region and we endeavor to offer the best learning experiences in close partnership with our network of travel partners. 

Why Singapore?

  • Singapore is within close proximity compared to other English-speaking countries. 

  • Singapore’s achievements as a regional hub and progress in the areas of technology as well as the government’s heavy investment in training and skills are well-known and provides excellent exposure to the country’s approach to competitiveness and best practices.These are illustrated in our S.T.E.M based programmes. 

  • Singapore is famous for its strict laws and ability to enforce them. The result is a nation that is among the safest in the world and is a model emulated by other developing nations.

  • English is officially the main language of education in Singapore, where a vast majority of the population uses English as a primary mean of communication. Since the majority of the population speaks English, students will have many opportunities to practice their English by interacting with locals.

  • The education system in Singapore adopts the western ideologies as well as methodologies to encourage the independent learning among students. Our study tour programmes are designed and developed according to the same frameworks as used when we conduct outdoor training programmes for local schools. 

  • Singapore is a perfect blend of East and West, where religions and culture are very diverse. Students will get the opportunity of meeting students from all over the world and being familiar with an inter-cultural environment.

  • As a tiny island with little natural resources, Singapore has managed to become a highly developed country where technology development is one of their national focuses. For students that are eager to explore the world of technology, Singapore is certainly a destination that will broaden their horizons and build networking bridges. Our series of urban development programmes are regularly updated and in-line with current government initiatives. E.g Green Buildings, Connected Homes. 

We have had the privilege of hosting a variety of guests from overseas and understand that they are looking for a personal and meaningful connection with locals and an appreciation of what it means to be uniquely Singaporeans. More than anything participants wish to learn about what makes Singapore successful and be able to apply it in their home town. 

Through us, you will be able to benefit from a team of young and energetic facilitators who can connect with your youths in a similar setting as a local outdoor camp programme. Visiting teachers can rest at ease as our facilitators will engage your students throughout your stay in Singapore. 

Choose from a list of our study tour packages and specially curated learning journeys. 


Urban Development 

We are proud of Singapore's forward thinking approach to urban design and planning and regularly  recommend that study tours start with out with a visit to the URA gallery  which gives students a good overview of how Singapore was designed and how we continue to develop for the future. A key theme is the City In A Garden concept and how Singapore is able to integrate both nature and urban development in seamless harmony . 



 Eco Exploration:

Participants get to experience the challenges of farming and growing food in an urban landscape. These paddy fields will be fully planted with teamwork and coaching from trainers. The activity encourages them to move out of their comfort zone and build bonds as a team. 


 Gardens By The Bay:

A visit to Singapore would not be complete without a trip to the Gardens by the Bay. But unlike a normal visit , the visit for our participants is a learning journey with exercises and hands on experiences on how fragile our eco-system is and how the effects of global warming will have a significant impact.


Heritage Trails:

To experience real local culture a heritage trail is planned for participants to understand authentic local cuisine, interact with uncles and aunties and manage their own money for a cook out in the evening . This is conducted in a Singapore Township so that participants can experience the everyday living environment of a true local. 

Sentosa Highlights:

At least two full days can be allocated to the exploration of Singpore's own island playground Sentosa ! Participants get to explore the island and its major attractions at the same time completing our signature Sentosa amazing race challenges as a team.



Singapore Marine Exploration:

Singapore's is not only one of the busiest shipping ports in Asia but we are also a center for marine research and development. Through our newly curated programme, participants can visit St John's Island to understand Singapore's rich maritime heritage and the untouched beauty of Singapore's marine sanctuaries. 

Sea Aquarium:

Its one thing to visit the aquarium during the day but another thing to sleep overnight with these creatures. You get to see different movements and also see how fish sleep! Past participants say they dream better and the sight that awaited them in the morning is truly breath taking. 


* In collaboration with Resorts World Sentosa. 


Interaction with locals and tangible culture exchange 

Languages have to be practiced and we believe the best way to practice is through interaction with native speakers. With the right planning we are able to facilitate the connection with local organizations who are willing to host overseas visitors in a session of cultural exchange and immersion. 

High Achievers will recommend the appropriate activities for both parties to engage and participate in. These include heritage trails, water sports, campfire performances, local food sampling and much more. 



 * Please note that the opportunity to engage in joint outdoor activities with local students is subject to availability and min of 2 months preparation.

The High Achievers Adventure Academy in Sentosa as well as our network of training venues across Singapore and Malaysia will also provide your participants unique accommodation and facilities access. 

As the only fully air conditioned adventure academy located within an attraction, your students have a unique access to KidZania Singapore and the heart of Sentosa Island. 

Please find more information about our KidZania Overseas Study Group packages currently available. 









Making A Difference, Changing Lives 

In all our programmes we strive to introduce our visitors to the best that Singapore has to offer. 

After the time spent together bonds would have been developed and it will be hard to see our new friends return home. Our experienced facilitators will be assigned based on your participant profile and required foreign language with English as a primary base. 




Register Early To Reserve Choice Dates!

From arrival at Changi International Airport to departure, we can manage the full turnkey study tour itinerary including programming, meals, accommodation, facilitators, teachers and certification .  

Write to us and we will be able to customize a specific programme based on your feedback on the profile of your visitors and their desired outcomes when visiting Singapore.