Study Tour Overview (China)


We are proud to be the official partner with Summer Hill based in Shanghai, China.

For Chinese nationals who wish to send their children for an immersive experience please contact our partners .

Should you be from any of our neighbouring countries and would like us to custom design an local learning program based around Singapore and its culture please write to us .

These are the event highlights of the participants over the 7 day learning journey . The programs are redeveloped for each co-hort of visitors depending on their age groups and learning objectives. 

Eco Experience:

Participants get to experience the challenges of farming and growing food. These paddy fields will be fully planted with teamwork and coaching from trainers. The activity encourages them to move out of their comfort zone and build bonds as a team. 


Gardens By The Bay:

A visit to Singapore would not be complete without a trip to the Gardens by the Bay. But unlike a normal visit , the visit for our participants is a learning journey with exercises and hands on experiences on how fragile our eco-system is and how the effects of global warming will have a significant impact.



The group is taken on an adventure trek in the nearby Jungle at Sarimbun . There teamwork is essential to overcome challenges and get everyone through safely . Safety is of the utmost importance but so is self awareness and self discovery . 


Heritage Trail:

To experience real local culture a heritage trail is planned for participants to understand authentic local cuisine , interact with uncles and aunties and manage their own money for a cook out in the evening . For a full overview of this activity , visit our event blog. 

Sentosa Highlights:

Of the 7 day program one full day is dedicated to exploring and enjoying the sites of Sentosa . Singapore's playground . Participants get to explore the island at the same time completing challenging tasks as a team.


Sea Aquarium:

Its one thing to visit the aquarium during the day but another thing to sleep overnight with these creatures. You get to see different movements and also see how fish sleep . Our participants say they dream better and the sight that awaits you in the morning is breath taking



Students get to dance, sing and cap off the entire journey with a night to remember around the campfire .



After 7 days together, bonds have been developed and its hard to see our new friends return home . We hope that they have enjoyed their stay and that Singapore has left a positive impression on them . We look forward to receiving the new cohort of students.