DT: Electric Car Racing Participant Brief





Dear Parents,

Thank you for registering your child for this Design Thinking via Racing programme.

This program is a series of progressive hands-on lessons that reinforce the learning of Design Thinking and STEM both in the classroom and outdoors. The incorporation of Microcontrollers in the setup and management of a monitored race track gives students a unique opportunity to see, imagine, develop and improve their own creation.

 Required Items:

Important Mandatory Items:
  1. Clear plastic compartment box to contain small parts (potential future upgrade parts)
  2. Toolbox to contain completed kit and accessories. Handy for the child to have everything in a neat box.
  3. Custom labels to mark their vehicles 
Optional items for the programme:
  1. AA Sized Batteries: Participants will need 4 New AA sized batteries to power the electric car kit. However, it would be prudent to bring extra batteries as spare.
  2. Windows Notebook Or iPhone / Andriod Mobile Device (With Bluetooth capability): Participants will be exposed to block coding and the BBC Microbit Microcontroller ( https://microbit.org/teach/) in week 3, 4 & 5. 
  3. Screw Driver: For screwing and unscrewing (inserting and removing) screws, participants will need screw drivers
  4. Clippers: Participants will need to bring clippers of any type for cutting out the unwanted elements from the car parts.
  • 4 AA sized batteries for Racing Car 


  • Screw Drivers & Clippers:

    If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the program representative listed below via SMS or Whatsapp: 9821 5914 OR 9790 2204.

    We look forward to seeing your child at the Electric Car Racing Program.