Night Walk/Night Jog/Confidence Walk

1. Night Confidence Walk

The Night Confidence Walk conducted in Sarimbun is carried out amidst the vegetation that surrounds the campsite. Students will need to find their way along the route, a guide by sparsely placed light-sticks. Fear and apprehension of walking in the dark are heightened by the fact that the students will be tackling the walk separately, till they reach the end point.

Learning Outcomes for Night Confidence Walk:

  1. Dare to rise up to challenges and grow out of comfort zones
  2. Learn to handle and overcome fear effectively

2. Motivational Night Jog

Students will go jogging around Sentosa Island in the night for a change of ambience. The different atmosphere and environment will serve as a motivation for them in doing exercise in a more fun way.

Learning Outcomes for Motivational Night Jog:

  1. Develop Perseverance
  2. Build up Endurance
  3. Breaking the mindset of the ‘traditional’ ways of doing things

2. Night Walk 

Participants are grouped into pairs to encourage higher participation from individuals. They are to walk past a certain trail at night where candles are the only directional items to lead them to the endpoint. Facilitators are to be stationed inside the trail to ensure safety.

Learning Outcomes for Motivational Night Jog:

  1. Break the mindset of fear
  2. Build up Endurance and Perseverance 
  3. Move out beyond comfort zone 
  4. Build up a character of courage and integrity 

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