Capture the Flag: (Night/Day)

Capture the Flag: (Night/Day)

This is an activity played at night, where teams will challenge one another by trying to capture the flags of the opposing teams. The players will go in pairs to try to capture the flag. They will each have a length of raffia string tucked into their shorts. The pair can only attack an opposing team if both have their strings intact. If the raffia string is pulled out, they will have to go back to base to replace the lost one. Pairs can pull out the strings of other pairs. The winning team is the team that retains its flag. The success of this activity depends on the listening skills of the participants, as they will tend to focus on attack rather than defense and hence lose their flag.

Learning Outcomes for Capture the Flag: (Night/Day)

  1. Learn to focus on goal
  2. Learn to listen to the right voice
  3. Develop effective decision-making skills
  4. Understand the importance of integrity

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