Personal Floatation Device (PFD) w/ HA logo *RENTAL*

Orange PFD's with HA logo printed at the back. Widely use for water activities e.g. kayaking, water rafting, dragnet fishing. Comes in XS, S, M, L sizes.


The images shown in this section is for illustration purposes and may differ from the actual product based on available stock . A representative will contact you to confirm the items based on your selection . 

We currently have 134 PFDS in stock: 3 XS, 16 S, 50 M and 60 L. Rental prices are $5 a day per PFD with a deposit of $20 per PFD. Subject to availability. 

Please note that for rentals that cross over weekends and public holidays. That a min of two days rental is required. For weekend rentals pick up will be on Friday and return on Monday.