The Legendary Leaders Summit 2012

The Legendary Leaders Summit 2012

June 30, 2017

At the end of the camp, participants would be challenged and inspired to:


• Gain self-awareness and understanding about their personal values, mindsets,attitudes and giftings
• Maximize their strengths and working on weak areas given by the Leadership Practice Inventory Profiling


• Understand how to prepare a presentation
• Learn how to prepare a project proposal for teachers and other stakeholders to view
• Learning how to persuade and convince others of their vision
• Understand the 4 stages of group development of teams and facilitate teambuilding at its various stages
• Effectively delegate of roles and responsibilities within the team
• Learn to manage resources and budget for projects
• Learn to understand and manage the emotions of others
• Gain confidence and knowledge of managing conflict within the team
• Foster understanding and forge deeper partnerships within the team
• Optimally use and mobilize resources that are available for a particular project


• Gain awareness about the importance of culture (in the context of their school)
• Learn to innovatively and creatively create platforms and channels of information passing and exchange
• Be trained to understand how changes and processes can be implemented
• Learn how to keep and pass down knowledge and experience to their juniors

At the end of the camp, participants will:

  • Have personal mastery in being an exemplary leader in mental paradigm, attitude, habits and leadership principles and values
  • Have public mastery in exhibiting, executing and demonstrating leadership competencies such as public speaking, inspiring, motivating and grooming others within the team to become model leaders
  • Learn to build functional and empowering platforms within the organisation that ensures operational excellence, communication, continual development and growth

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