Risk assessment at KFC Hill, Tanjong Leman

Risk assessment at KFC Hill, Tanjong Leman

July 12, 2017

On our recent trip to Tanjong Lehman . Part of the safety procedure is to do a pre hike of the route to clear sharp barbs and to ensure that the path is clear for hikers to handle the exercise. Loh and behold there was a huge tree that had fallen due to the heavy downpour which blocked the pathway down . As such the route had to be replanned to take into account the obstruction .

Risk assessment is part and parcel of our training programs and the hike up KFC hill indeed proposed interesting challenges.
Getting your figures pricked  on hidden barbs on palm leaves wasn't something that was easy to spot for first time hikers which is why it was important that the used the safety line as their primary support. 

Rule of the jungle don't grab onto something unless you are sure of what you are grabbing .

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