Garden By The Bay

Garden By The Bay

September 08, 2017

Garden By The Bay 

Gardens by the Bay is part of a strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a "Garden City" to a "City in a Garden". The stated aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.

3 Main focus:

  • Climate Change
  • Global Warming
  • City in the garden

They will go through a learning at the Cloud Forest (云雾森林).  



  • Highest point of the mountain
  • Showcases cloud forest vegetation found at around 2,000m above sea level
  • Look out for carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants and the Venus Fly-catcher, delicate ferns and moss.
  • Enjoy views of the Marina Bay waterfront.



  • Close-up view of various epiphytes plant species that clad the side of the mountain.
  • An epiphyte is a plant that grows harmlessly on another plant (such as a tree) and derives its moisture and nutrients from the air, rain or its surroundings. Epiphytes grow on other plants for physical support and do not necessarily affect the host negatively.



  • Consider the importance of earth’s sources of fresh water.
  • Cloud forests capture water droplets from mist and fog by means of epiphyte-laden branches.



  • Formation of stalactites and stalagmites
  • Talk about how mining, extraction of fossil fuels for energy poses a threat to cloud forests across the world.
  • Talk about how fossil fuels are formed.
  • Non-renewable VS Renewable energy



  • Bird’s eye view of treetops.



  • Culprits of carbon dioxide emission
  • Causes of rising CO2 levels -> Global Warming -> Rising sea levels -> Habitat loss**
  • Lots of interesting facts and statistics, graphical representation of rising Earth’s temperature as well as deforestation statistics etc



  • Discover plants that once grew in abundance, but have become increasingly rare today
  • Amazing colours
  • Moisture-loving plants on the ground (e.g. prehistoric ferns)       

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