Campfire ( 萤火晚宴 )

Campfire ( 萤火晚宴 )

September 08, 2017

The beginning of the camp 

    Like the Olympics, we light the flame of imagination and bring together students from across Shanghai who have come together to experience Singapore together.

    It also represents them as the days go they will improve on themselves as a scout and they will shine even brighter like a fire in the 3 main focus that is (照顾好自己, 照顾好别人 照顾好环境).

    End of the camp 

    It’s a time of celebration of the last night over at this camp and overcoming all the challenges that have been given to them. Reminding them about fulfilling the 3 main focus of (照顾好自己, 照顾好她人, 照顾好环境).

    Feel the energy! 

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